Technical Education Program – Starting Dec 2023

We empower BIPOC youth with technical education.  We also help them generate social capital.  The UPLIFT Foundation’s program is a gateway to success in STEM fields. 

We do this through Software Engineering.

Our weekly after-school program prepares high school seniors for college-level Computer Science programs.  We also equip them with skills for their future careers.

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Black woman and man sitting in front of monitor working through problems together with the UPLIFT Foundation

Working with the UPLIFT Foundation, students tackle problems,  while gaining experience.

Program Overview

Technical Training Program

Designed for high school seniors, this software engineering program offers practical skills training, weekly sessions, and practice for the real-world workforce. Each student receives a laptop, software, and hands-on training in software development.

Social Capital Program

Moreover, our Social Capital Program includes workshops on personal finance, career development, mental health, housing and renting, time management, communication, and healthy relationships. As a result, students are well-prepared for a successful transition into adulthood.

Our Impact

The UPLIFT Foundation has helped empower Black and Latinx students in Salem. Additionally, we provide these students with the skills and opportunities needed to thrive in technical fields.

For instance, our Executive Director has coached 32 students who have interned at global Fortune 500 companies.

Remarkably, our college admissions rate for all students is still currently 100%.

Time Commitment

Our program meets virtually for 1 hour per week and 2 hours on Saturday.

Importantly, we work as a team to find the best schedule for everyone. 

We adapt as needed to meet students’ busy high school schedules.

Fun Projects

Each cohort works together to build their own engineering projects.

While some build video games, others create animatronics or even stores.

In essence, everyone contributes, learns, and succeeds.

Below are some sample projects for your reference:

A Theme Park Simulator Console App
An AI Application to help people with Autism